Lahaina stable

I have been fascinated by these majestic creatures ever since I was a kid. Their size does intimidate you, but once you befriend them, you know you have them for life. They are like dogs loyal, innocent and grounded. Recently, I discovered that they are used for therapy.


Horses are the most excellent teachers for humans regarding our healing and understanding of our energy field. In a natural setting, horses are fully grounded on Mother Earth. They are, for the most part, energetically open beings. They sense the energy of the environment and the intention within the animals and humans that are around them.


The ability to read, engage, and move energy within themselves and others comes second nature to a horse. Many horses become masters at intentionally moving energy in their environment and during Coaching with Horses sessions. Which is why they are great for therapy and healing.


Other horses may have sensitivities to energy but may not reach such levels of mastery. Instead, they may continue to be reactive, unaware, or unproductive in their use of energy. In doing so, they remain at a lower-ranking within the herd than those horses who have developed emotional and energetically mastery.